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      Company Profile

      ( 2009/10/16 17:26:06 )

      NATURAL TEXTILES @ GARMENTS (INDUSTRY)I/E CO.,LTD,s head office is located at changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province in P.R.China.

      There are 6 merchandisers, 5 pattern designers and 4 operators in our company. Our exhibit room is 150
      , with various types of samples which about more than 500 styles are displayed.
      Our own factory  located in Yiyang city, Hunan province, occupying total land area of 25,000 and factory space of 8,000.We have more than 500 expert workers and more than 600 sets of various type machines. The registered capital is 2 Millions USD.

      Summarized operation mode:

      1,. Confirm the order request from customers 

      2,  Take action for Production according to customer requirement in our own factory.

      3,  Process for export to the destination through our own export company

       Annual production quantity: 1,500,000 pieces.


       Annual export volume: 7,500,000 US Dollars.

      The products are exported to European Economic Community, South America, North America, The Middle East, Australia, North Africa, South Africa and Japan etc. 


      Main Production Certification:

      Disney Producion License NO.L221-3643-1.

      ISO9000 Certification

      Green Environmental Certificaion


      We promises that you don’t need to worry anthing if you place order with us.